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Braly Image Group (BIG) is a creative-services provider that specializes in producing high-end video content and commercial animation and motion graphics for businesses, corporations, entrepreneurs, artists, startups, and individuals. We are based in Chattanooga, Tennessee (a.k.a. 'Gig City') and we work throughout most of the southeast United States. 

Simply put, we make motion pictures. Whether it’s for a television commercial, a website, sales and marketing, training purposes, or to present a professional, consistent, and engaging image across all of your social media platforms.

We utilize bleeding-edge audio/video technology to produce cost-effective promotional, instructional, and original video content. 
Our services are targeted to several markets, and include web platforms, manufacturers, advertising agencies, documentary producers, start-ups and artists.

We provide a full-range of video-related services including pre-production consultation, production, post-production services, and even video placement. Our ADDY® Award winning video production services include: corporate-videos, product-videos, web-videos, branding videos, aerial-videos, on-boarding-videos, drone-videos, training-videos, long form and short form commercials, animations, and much more.

From stylish motion graphics to comprehensive live-action shoots, BIG Studios delivers powerful, customized video marketing campaigns for a variety of corporations, trade associations, non-profits, and academic institutions. Please watch some of our most recent work below and if you're interested in finding out if we can work together, contact us today!

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What's The BIG Deal?

Making videos brings people together to work on great things. Everyone that's part of the process is always very excited. How about we get in on that excitement together?

The following are the steps and process it takes to make a great video like yours
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Storyboard Sketch

Pre-Production Services

The Elements of Pre-Production

We get together with you as one team. We can brainstorm with you to come up with ideas and concepts that will best help to deliver your message.

Then a script must be written. We can write it or help tweak your script. The script is truly the key to the entire process. If we're animating, then the storyboard will come next along with character designs.


Next we determine the location. Do we need to do some location scouting to find the perfect place to tell your story? If we're producing a business video, then your office may be the perfect place to shoot.

Are you going to be the spokesperson, or do we need to bring in any models or actors to tell the story? Casting is also a very important step in pre-production. For animations or radio spots, we have hundreds of actors at our disposal that will submit auditions for voice roles.

Finally, we coordinate all of the variables to make certain that it goes flawlessly. Pre-production is an important to the process. It ensures we begin the journey on the right foot.

Production Services

Exceeding Expectations

Once we have a script, the right participants, look, design, and we've found the perfect location, we get to do the fun part… filming your story. And if it's animation and motion graphics, we begin making things move!

The BIG team consists of highly capable and talented luminaries of the motion picture production industry. Our director of photography and award-winning director have both been working in broadcast video production for over twenty years.

The video production process is when we essentially create all of the puzzle pieces that we will assemble in post-production. Production is a pretty straight forward event. If it's a motion graphics or animation project, now is when our animators begin working through each scene to bring your message, story, and vision to life!

It goes something like this: Lights! Camera! Action! 


Very Easy.

Video Production


Completely Customized

The most challenging stage in any project is "post". With our team of exceptional editors and creators, rest assured that your visual content will be nothing short of exceptional.

This is when the pieces of the puzzle are put together. The editor will use the script and the media we created to bring the story to life. The producer will inspect the video drafts and once it's been approved internally, we send it to YOU.

Once in the possession of the finished video, our Clients share it across all social media, upload it to their website, or send it to the television stations or national networks. Sometimes they as us to provide those services for them.


We just created a brand new video that’s ready to change the world! Thank you for trusting us to tell YOUR story.

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Who We Are

Chris At Work.png

Chris Braly

CEO & Founder, Visionary

An award-winning producer of commercials, promotional, industrial, and branding videos, along with several original television properties and documentary programs, including Fuel TV, Rock Theatre, and In The City. He's been making video for over nearly two decades and is always learning and pushing the limits.

mark gill.jpg

Mark Gill

Producer & Cinematographer

Mark got his start in video production at News 12, the local CBS affiliate in Chattanooga, where he produced hundreds of broadcast commercials and original television programming for nearly twenty years. He's also produced and directed a short film, and is completing a documentary. He is a voracious film buff and sees at least one theatrical release per week.


Jamison Braly

Cinematic Storyteller

Jamison began his visual storytelling career in college by making comedic shorts with friends. Pretty soon his hobby became a lifestyle and a revenue stream. On weekends, when he's not enjoying some downtime with family, he can usually be found producing wedding film digital heirlooms for new brides and grooms via his own specialty video boutique, JBV Films

Kaitlyn B 04.jpg

In addition to being the founder's daughter, Kaitlyn has an entrepreneurial spirit of her own. When she's not assisting on productions or continuing her education, she operates a home and pet sitting business.

Production Assistant

Kaitlyn Braly

JOHNNY THUMB_edited.png

Johnny Stockman

Creative Director

Johnny is a talented illustrator, animator and motion graphics specialist. Plus, he's an accomplished rock and roll guitarist! And he brings that energy and artistry to the production of animations and motion graphics, leading a team of talented cartoonists and 3D designers to bring your vision to life!

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