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BIG Comics & Graphic Novels

In addition to film, animation, and broadcast television, BIG Studios also functions as a boutique publisher of indie comics and artisan graphic novels. Through our collaboration with Eisner winning writer Mike Baron, we publish premium graphic novels featuring superheroes, science-fiction, supernatural horror stories, action-thrillers, and more.

Here's a list of our current and upcoming titles.

Florida Man


Mike Baron & Various Artists

Gary Duba and his gal Krystal epitomize the quintessential Florida Man and Florida Gal. Eisner winning writer Mike Baron delivers comedy gold in a graphic novel inspired by his series of novels. Successfully crowdfunded in 2020 and published in 2021, the smash-hit graphic novel was later adapted with new artwork and new pages and published monthly by American Mythology in the summer of 2022.


Mike Baron, Joe Arnold, Jeff Slemons

It's the critically acclaimed, gritty graphic novel, with a completely different street-level hero... a female cop. Thin Blue Line  follows rookie officer Valeria Baca as mobs burn down city hall, forcing the her and her partner to improvise on the run, relying only on their training and wits as the city crumbles.

Successfully raising six-figures in crowdfunding capital in 2021, with the help of police and first responders supporters, the book was distributed in 2022. Antarctic Press later published it as an over-sized one-shot comicbook in May 2024

Thin Blue Line
Private American


Mike Baron & Richard Bonk

America’s southern border is a WAR ZONE! Overrun with lawless coyotes flowing across the Rio Grande, bringing in weapons, smuggling drugs, and trafficking sex slaves! Border Patrol agents are overwhelmed… but one man takes matters into his own hands. This book was successfully crowdfunded in 2022, after being actively suppressed by activist media, and some crowdfunding platforms due to the political topic of the border crisis.


Mike Baron & Pat Broderick

No one goes to the old silver mine. There’s something there… something in the shadows. And when a villainous posse arrives, all the secrets of the town of Cobb’s Gap will be exposed. In this weird western, the monster isn't quite what you think it is.

Described as a Sergio Leone & H.P. Lovecraft mash-up, this book was the number one crowdfunded project at Fund My Comic in 2023 and published in the fall that same year.

Bronze Star
Florida Man vs Hogzilla


Mike Baron & Matt Weldon

Gary Duba's misadventures continue when a thousand-pound feral hog begins savaging his old neighborhood, and his former HOA hires him to deal with the monster. Gary also contends with wild hippos, a swimming pool full of iguanas, and his gal Krystal's problematic, unhealthy habits.


Like its predecessor, the Hogzilla smash-hit graphic novel in early 2024, and was later adapted with new material and published monthly by American Mythology in the summer of 2024.


Mike Baron & Kelsey Shannon

In this brand new standalone story, Nexus faces a mysterious villain threatening all life. Planets are vanishing from the night sky without a trace! Nexus must uncover the truth behind a string of disappearing planets before the universe itself vanishes. With precious few leads and almost no witnesses, the odds seem stacked against survival. How will Nexus save the universe? Coming summer 2024

Learn more at

Nexus Scourge
Nexus Logo


Mike Baron & Steve Rude

Nexus first debuted in 1981 and was published by Capital Comics. The first volume was a series of three magazine-sized, black and white issues, telling the original origin of the Eisner-winning character co-created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude. For its 45th anniversary, those three black and white issues are being remastered, and for the first time in its publication history, fully colored by acclaimed colorist Kelsey Shannon. This will be a limited collected edition available in both hardcover and softcover.


Mike Baron & Richard Bonk

Famed detective Sherlock Holmes takes on an incredible case that leads him to the high seas where he crosses paths with none other than Captain Nemo in an all-new tale that will both shock and delight fans of both classic characters. This is Mike Baron's long-awaited Sherlock mystery story.

Coming Winter 2024

Leviathan Sherlock Holmes Captain Nemo
Nexus Triplets


Mike Baron & Kelsey Shannon

The Squib Triplets are adorable prodigies that share an ESP link, communicating instantly with each other–even through black holes. When they're kidnapped, their parents appeal to Nexus, but all is not as it seems as the kidnappers anticipate Nexus’ involvement and have laid a trap for him. Mike Baron revisits the character that earned him two Eisner Awards.

Coming Spring 2025


Mike Baron & Richard Bonk

Marcos meets his new team, the Deplorables, who bring a new level of skills and tech to the fight, but they also are faced with an exponentially greater level of danger in their efforts to combat crime at the U.S. border, which the federal government has failed to protect.

Coming Summer 2025

Private American
Thin Blue Line 2


Mike Baron, Joe Arnold, Jeff Slemons

In a follow-up to the smash hit THIN BLUE LINE, Officer Baca has moved to a new city to start over, but soon discovers the local district attorney has established a no cash bail policy, allowing violent felons to be released back on the streets. Can she still manage to serve and protect this community?

Coming Fall 2025


Mike Baron & Pat Broderick

It's a bold new tale of the old west continuing the story of Sheriff Brogden and the unspeakable horrors that surround the town he's sworn to defend.

Coming Winter 2025

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